PAW Team is funded through donations from individuals, local businesses and grants. Every dollar makes a difference to a pet in need.

Your gift goes directly to where it can have an immediate impact.

PAW Team is unique - we help both animals and people. By providing vaccines and licensing, we enable people to get off the streets and into transitional housing. By providing basic medical care we keep people and pets together during the most difficult times of their lives. 

We maximize every dollar - we don't have a fancy building (it doesn't even have heat). We are supported by hundreds of volunteers who give of their time and talent to help us help hundreds of pets who need it the most.

Because of this, a $25 cash gift leverages $250 in goods and services for a homeless person or family for their beloved companion pet. That's ten to one. Your gift to the PAW Team goes further, and to those who are in the greatest need in our community.

Click on the donate button below to contribute safely and securely on line.



$100 provides critical medications and prescription pet food for a sick animal.

$50 provides a full set of vaccinations for a dog or cat companion or service animal on the streets. 

$40 provides flea treatment for a month and a county license to keep animals safe.

$28 pays for a non-surgical sterilization for a dog

$10 provides warm blankets for pets and their people.

Other methods of payment: mail a check made out to PAW Team to 25 NW 23rd Place, Ste 6-489, Portland, OR 97210 or call 503-227-5477 for a secure, person-to-person transaction.

Amazon Wish List

There are specific items we need for the animals we help, as well as for basic day-to-day operations. You can send items directly to the PAW Team through our Amazon Wish List. 

Thank you!