Volunteer Opportunities Overview

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the PAW Team!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the PAW Team!

The PAW Team provides veterinarian care for the pets of the homeless and those living in extreme poverty in our community. You can help us help them in many ways! 

Our clinics are a great way to directly interact with our clients and their pets. One day a month we magically transform our building into a bustling vet clinic and serve 120-150 pets in a single Sunday. We need vets, vet techs and vet assistants; people to help us check clients in to the clinic; folks who love animals and know how to handle them make great guides for our clients. 

And it takes a lot to put these clinics together - our offices are open five days a week to make this happen. In our offices, we need all the same skills that any business needs - PR, marketing, social media, data management, organization, answering phones and more. We also have special events during the year to raise money and awareness for the PAW Team. Immediately before and after each clinic we need a crew of folks to help us get our donations organized and displayed, and get ready for the big day.

Most Wanted Volunteer List: 

  • Office help
  • Social Media
  • Business Outreach
  • Medical Scribes

Here are some ways to join our Team on Clinic Day!

  • Clinic Prep - help us get the building ready for the clinic
  • Prepare Clinic Tickets and client information packet
  • Medical Screening Team - Qualification and ID check and photo
  • Triage - Pet and Person photo
  • Triage - Spay and Neuter check, add to list if necessary
  • Triage - medical assessment
  • Intake Gate Keeper One - verify triage, collect co pay
  • Registration - help clients fill out paperwork, verify information
  • Registration - enter client information into database
  • Registration Gate Keeper Two - call clients in order for clinic
  • Clinic Guides - escort clients and pets through the clinic
  • Care and Comfort Coordinator - Keep waiting areas tidy, fill pet water bowls, provide general comfort assistance to clients as needed
  • Medical Team - Veterinarians - perform basic exams and minor treatments, administer vaccinations, dispense medications, determine if referrals are required
  • Medical Team - Scribes - enter vet instructions and client information into our custom database, complete medical record
  • Medical Team - Tech and Assistants - provide support to vets, prepare vaccines, assist with exams, submit prescriptions to pharmacy
  • Medical Team - Pharmacy - fill prescriptions, provide instructions for use, maintain pharmacy inventory
  • Medical Team - "Flea Express" - experienced vet tech for patients that need only parasite control, administer topical treatments, basic ear cleaning
  • Grooming - experienced, fearless groomer to provide nail trims and medical grooming as needed
  • Licensing - Complete licensing as requested for county pet licenses
  • Exit Records Manager - collect medical records and all paperwork prior to clients leaving clinic
  • Donations and supplies - after patients have received services, clients may "shop" for basic supplies. Attendants help with selecting appropriate supplies such as collars, bedding, toys, leashes, etc.